​”Viasped” Ltd. is a company specialized in international transport and forwarding.

We can offer you transport services from Bulgaria across all Europe, Scandinavia, Turkey and Russia, also we can help you for import of each good to Bulgaria. Most often you will find us in Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Great Britain, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands or wherever your need for transportation appear.
The company has a highly motivated and trained stuff.Besides English, they speak German, Spanish, Italian and Russian as well. You will find only a good attitude, competence, fairness, flexibility and honesty in our employees.

Logistics is the most powerful business force nowadays

What do transport and logistics mean today in our reality?

Logistics – this is what makes your production, raw materials, goods go to their ultimate point of destination as efficiently as possible from the point of view of the most precious resource in the world – time. It facilitates your work, contributes to its realization and development, it helps you grow your business.

What can we make for you? 

To give you comfort and make you sure that your goods will reach the exact destination, at the fixed time precisely and for the exactly calculated costs. To give you a competitive advantage and a powerful might to grow your business. To make you feel safe, because you have a trusted partner …​

Logistics is a profession dealing with management of materials, energy and people. It is often referred to the field of business, but we apply it in other areas too!

Our main task is to the optimal process organization, including delivery of the necessary materials to the correct place and at the right time with the quantity and quality set for that purpose and with minimal efforts and costs.

We make business planning for management of materials, services, information and capital flows. Planning integration includes more complex information, communication and control systems required in the today’s business environment guaranteeing the client’s comfort.

This is a key function in the modern business world and industrial rival. The ability of the companies to supply the demanded goods or services at a competitive price, in the right place and time is extremely important for business survival and future development. It is this part exactly of business management that our logistic management deals with.

Good management of materials, information and capital resources, i.e. good management of the logistic function in our company ensures keeping the general costs reduced to their minimum. On the other hand, reducing costs to their minimum level gives the companies competitive benefits not easily applicable by the competitors.

The mission of our logistics in management is to make you sure that the company is capable of keeping a large range of products in stock (or services depending on the type of industry), yet providing a high level of customer service, less inventory and eliminating bad quality service.

The task of the logistic managers in our company is to be aware of the market challenges and to ensure the best management of information and materials flow. Providing a competitive system of logistics inside and outside our company guarantees competitiveness at all business levels, and without any doubt – development and growth of your products.

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