About Us

“VIASPED” LTD – Transport and forwarding

Our main goal is to offer professional and quality service that meets the expectations and needs of each client and to create long-term partnerships, based on trust, loyalty and respect.

  • We know that your time is valuable that’s why we are quick to offer a price.
  • Our prices may not be the lowest but it means that you can always count on us.
  • We are not veterans in the industry, but we have excellent transactions, good partners and great recommendations.


We will take care of your transportation needs in the following areas:

  • Complete goods
  • Groupage consignments
  • Dangerous loads
  • Oversized loads
  • Goods requiring temperature control

Logistics solutions

Modern logistics is more than a flawless exchange of goods and information. Intelligent and sustainable business needs the knowledge of logistic experts who look ahead. As a skillful specialist in overall logic service we rely on this concept.

  • Customized logistic solutions and precisely organized transport network ensure a distinct advantage
  • Intelligent warehouse logistics provides visible stocks and quick flow of goods, target outsourcing for focused entrepreneurship
  • There are 1,000 options and they all come from one place

Supply Logistics

Is direct transport or intercompany system transport possible? We ask the right questions in the field of supply logistics. Our experts are planning and developing the management of goods and information flow which will help our clients realize the potential of optimization and improve their efficiency. In addition, systems for shipment tracking and IT tools ensure the best possible transparency. Simultaneously, you can get the best advice on how to manage your supplies efficiently. No matter what transport you need, in the field of distribution logistics we can always provide you with the best cost-effective solution.

Your individual requirements to the distribution of goods and cargos and our claim for efficiency justify both the selection of a transport means and the speed of distribution.
By tracing the shipment and advanced IT tools you will always know where your goods are.

Does your shipment need to be redirected?
No problem – thanks to our global network and flexibility we can also allow some additional services such as shipment redirection.

Furthermore, we undertake to arrange the overall customs clearance and documentation for our clients.